Join us for this epic weekend away…

Come relax with us and return transformed, uplifted and ready to take on your goals.

This weekend away is time just for you… To relax, reflect, transform, set clear outcomes and plans so you can start your year with power, without adding more to your to-do list.

EVENT. From Weightless to Queen.

Posted by Kylie Ryan on Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Time for you, to be YOU.

  • Discover the 3 key pillars to unleash your effortless grace & power.
  • Uncover where you are leaking energy and how to stop it.
  • Vision your plans and goals for 2018, so you can feel true joy.
  • Dance and connect with new soul-sisters under the moonlight.
  • and much more…

In this annual weekend you will upgrade your mental software and discover simple, practical strategies to take home that will make life easier and more joyful.

24 – 25 Feb 2018 Twin Waters, QLD

Hey Wonder Woman!

Discover how you can unleash effortless vitality, feel completely confident in your body, and breeze through the stress of daily life!

(without diets, juice detoxes, fitness challenges or needing wine, chocolate or medication.)

I know that feeling of stress, exhaustion and frantic, ambitious urgency…

I know well the intense exercise sessions, the weary night-time food prep, the double-shot lattes, the endless late-night phone scrolling….  Life feels like it’s a constant deadline.

From the moment your alarm wakes you up, to the minute you finally put your head down again it’s go, go, go. And all the time there is the nagging voice in your head that you should be doing more…

Sure there’s a blissful, temporary reprieve in a glass of wine (or two), or the sweet melt of chocolate in your mouth; but it never lasts. And it comes with a big side-serve of guilt and a tightening in your pencil skirt…

Yet the thought of another “fitness challenge” just makes you feel exhausted before you’ve even started, on top of all the other things you cram into the day, and the idea of stopping is impossible. You wouldn’t know what to do with yourself anyway. Even though you yearn for a break, you just. Can’t. Stop…

But if, in the pursuit of “All of the things”, you don’t ever give yourself permission to relax, eventually, your body will make you stop. It won’t be pretty. And when life comes to a screeching halt…. What then?

So, how can you accept yourself for who you ARE, when all you’ve ever valued is what you DO?

The Weightless Woman is Free…

The Weightless Woman is free. She will not be shamed or judged for who or what she is. By anyone.

The Weightless Woman knows her worth is not measured in cm’s, inches, kgs or pounds. Her worth is beyond measure in any form. It is Divine.

The Weightless Woman loves every cell in her glorious body. She loves the stretch marks, dimples and wrinkles that mark the memories of her life.

The Weightless Woman Shines…

The weightless woman is joyful and playful. She can breathe in the joy of a weary late night cuddle with a sick child, as much as a luxurious holiday or a breathtaking success.

The weightless woman surrenders to the flow of life, asks for what she needs, and allows herself to be fully supported, so she can shine brightly, love fully, and be the example to her children of the life she wants for them.

The weightless woman shines with an other-worldly glow. She embodies the permission to be her full potential self, and through her BEING, she activates everyone around her.

Discover the core habits of BEING that create joy, ease and lightness…

It is so much easier than you think when you shift from the very centre of who you are.

When conscious humans come together for intentional healing and growth, magical things happen.

A group of people coming together in a state of presence generates a collective energy field of great intensity. It not only raises the degree of presence of each member of the group, but also helps to free the collective human consciousness from its current state of mind dominance. This will make the state of presence increasingly more accessible to individuals. Eckhart Tolle

You must join us if…

If you’re feeling lonely, even when you’re surrounded by people.

If you’re stressed out & yelling at your kids,

If you’re eating at night after everyone’s in bed because you “deserve it”.

If your body is not in the fullest expression of health and vitality.

If you’re judging your body, feeling totally disconnected from it, and can’t find anything to wear.

If you’re on a dieting weight loss journey and want to get off the misery yo-yo.

If you’re looking at those “skinny bitches” wishing you could be one, but also secretly judging them too.

If you can’t bear the thought of passing on this terrible burden of body-shame and confusion to your own children.

If you read Weightless Woman poems and breathed a sigh of relief and recognition of the truth that lives within you yearning to be woken up…

Who will be guiding us?

Who is Kylie?

Kylie Ryan is a healer & teacher on a mission to assist women in the remembering of their Divine Feminine power, to activate their potential to live lives of purpose, integrity, joy and grace. She is a Mother to Ruby – 5, and Oliver – 2  and wife to her amazing husband. 13 years ago Kylie shed over 30kgs, got out of debt and found her soul-mate by healing her unworthiness and shifting her way of thinking through NLP Coaching. Ever since she has been on a passionate journey to find the most powerful transformational tools and share them with women who know they are capable of more than they are currently experiencing. Kylie has been a powerful NLP Coach for 13 years and a leading teacher of NLP for the past 4. Kylie has helped thousands of women to lose weight, reclaim self-love, leave toxic relationships, and find their soul purpose.  Kylie has the magical gift of helping you to see and feel the Greatness that is within you and facilitating you to BE that in your daily choices.

Who is Bianca?

Bianca Aiono is a powerhouse of strength and conviction who can help you to radically up-level your life by finding your inner power, not settling for less, while loving yourself exactly as you are. Bianca is a masterful shape-shifter who is a shining example of what your body is capable of: from champion Body Sculpting competitor, to Crossfit Athlete, to soft, self-loving adoring new Mother to the Maverick (6 months), Bianca has experienced first-hand that you can force your body to be skinny and super fit, but you can’t keep it that way if you don’t love yourself first. Now as an NLP Coach and Mind-Body Mentor she helps women realise that who your are BEING while you are doing your life is the most important factor in change, and you can change very little on the outside and still get radically transformational results, when you change the frequency of your intention. Join thousands of Bianca’s happy clients who know that she can help you fall in love with your body and heal it from the inside out…

Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself

– Rapi Kaur

What can I expect from the weekend?

Saturday 24th: 9am – 4pm 

Secrets of Weightlessness

Discover the 3 key pillars of becoming a weightless woman and how you can rise up to become the reigning Queen of your life.

Crystal Clarity

Discover the areas of your life that you have been leaking energy and power and you didn’t even know it. You will learn how you can easily plug those leaks and allow yourself to fill up on the joy of life.

Inspirational Success Interview

Learn real life strategies from successful weightless women, be inspired at what’s possible for you too.

Sat Evening:  7pm – 9.30pm

Dinner, Drinks & Dancing

D&M’s over dinner with new-found best friends, then dance, laugh, sing, and under twinkling lights on a balmy Summer evening!

Laughter & Lightness

Remember how you used to have fun, let loose and feel free. And LET GO in a safe, supportive environment.

Uninterrupted Sleep

Have a beautiful nights sleep, all night! With an optional sleep in the next morning.

Sunday 25th: 9am – 4pm

Yoga & Breathwork for Slimness and Stress Relief

Yin yoga session in the morning, and powerful Breathwork practices to relax and connect with your body.

Set your goals for 2018

Set powerful intentions and gain clarity on what you want and how to get it. AND learn a powerful question set to bust through limitations whenever they pop up.

Learn how we can support you all year long

Find out all the details to get access to our amazing coaches and support all year round with a special event only offer.

How can you be so sure this will really work?

Hey, I know you’ve tried LOTS of different things before. It’s hard to put your faith in anything when pretty much everything has eventually let you down and failed. In order to align your life with JOY & PEACE, and really get the results you’re looking for, you must address all 4 levels of your being.

1. Spiritual
2. Mental,
3. Emotional,
4. Physical.

If any of these levels is missing your change will be only very fleeting…

For example, in the past you may have tried to diet your way to feeling more confident in your body because you thought if you changed how your body looked, then you would finally love yourself…

But what you often find when making a change on the physical plane only is that you can only force your body to change for a short period of time, (plateaus) and if you don’t change the mindset of looking for faults, you’ll just find faults with your smaller body. If you don’t change the emotion of unworthiness and lack, you will just continue to create that no matter how many green smoothies you drink or spin classes you force your body through.

We can be sure that this works because we address all 4 levels of transformation,

…and we’ve done it before for hundreds and hundreds of women.

We will come together to Co-Create your up-levelled reality together in bliss, joy and fun. You can’t push and punish yourself to the reality you want. You must experience the frequency of your ideal reality now, along the journey of manifesting it into the 3D.

I know you know that you are capable of so much more, we can help you unleash it!

It’s all about the emotional stuff…

“I lost 5 kilos after SIXTY days of 1 hour daily workouts 6 days a week on the Insanity Exercise program. Then I started working with Bianca and I dropped 5 kilos in a week with no exercise.

Isn’t it weird that STOPPING beating yourself up and instead being kind to yourself gets the results that yelling at yourself doesn’t get?”

~ Leela

Unplug and hug… Come and meet your sisterhood of support.

We’ve been waiting for you!

Join us for 2 days of joy and transformation…

24 - 25 Feb 2018
Twin Waters, QLD

Novotel Twin Waters, Maroochydore, QLD
Stage 2 Ticket Release $497. Save $200!
Full Ticket $697.

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Is this just about weight loss?
No!!  not at all. It is not at all about weight loss in fact. However most women, whether slim, curvy or anywhere in between have areas of their bodies that they judge and wish were different. Due to societies programming, 99% of women are unhappy with their bodies and wish they were slimmer. Through the weightless woman events and programs we help empower women to remember they are actually whole, worthy and beautiful in the body they are in now, and that they do not need to change their outer body to feel better. They can just change the way they think and feel about their body to feel better. Paradoxically, when a woman becomes weightless in her thinking and feeling and actually loves her body as it is, then she starts to look after it more in her daily choices, and sometimes massive health and body shape transformations take place.
Are meals provided on the event days?
Light morning and afternoon tea will be provided on both days, and on the Saturday night there will be a cocktail dinner and celebration for us to dance, talk, share and laugh together. Plan to buy your own breakfast and lunch and dinner the other days.
Are the tickets refundable if I can’t make it?
We are keeping the ticket cost as low as possible to allow you to be able to factor in travel, accommodation and meals. However we need to cover the costs of the event, so the tickets are non-refundable but absolutely transferable. You can on-sell the ticket to a friend if you cannot make it for some reason. Please be sure to check the dates and venues before purchasing your ticket.
Is accommodation included?
No. In order to keep the cost as accessible as possible for all people, you can arrange your own accommodation. then you have the option to come and leave when it suits you, and book accommodation to your taste and budget.
Are there any guarantees?
This event is about teaching life-transformational skills, and having an enjoyable, fun weekend away with like-minded sisters. There are no specific results that we can guarantee over the two days because everybody is coming in with a different set of needs and desires. What we can guarantee is that you will enjoy the weekend, learn a lot about yourself, uncover new insights and have a lot of fun, with new strategies and skills that you can take back into your life refreshed and energized. If after lunchtime on the Saturday after the first 4 hours of the event you discover that it is not what you were after, please come and tell us and we will give you a full refund, no hard feelings.
How can I convince my partner?
I bet your partner and family will be thrilled to help support you to take some time for yourself, if you ask them and tell them that coming to this event is important to you. Your loved ones want you to be happy, nobody enjoys being around a martyr. If you want your children to grow up being able to take time for themselves, you need to show them that you are worthy to take time for yourself. This event will help you to refresh and get your old self back again. Know that you deserve it and you have permission, you will come back a better mum, wife, lover and woman afterward.
I have a question that I need to ask you?

If you have a question that is not answered here, please message me through my facebook page here: or email directly to